Silicone, Rubber, Tyvek Paper Bracelets and Wristbands for Promotions, Awareness and Fundraising

For all events and Color-coded wristbands for group events make an affordable, yet extremely effective product to help put attendees at ease while attending an event and adhering to local guidelines and regulations. These social distancing bracelets let individual preferences be known without anyone having to say a word. The wristbands are like traffic lights: Red for prefer no contact; yellow would indicates an elbow bump and safe distance is okay; green means they are OK for a hug or a high-five.

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These Silicone, Rubber, Tyvek Paper Bracelets and Wristbands are used to promote awareness regarding medial diseases like AIDS, cancer or can advertise for businesses such as music promotions, sports, or event promotion.

Fully Promoted has high quality silicone wristbands, bracelets and thousands of custom promotional products that can be personalized according your needs. Silicone wrist bands come in a multitude of colors and show support for various causes and organizations.


See our fantastic selection of colored silicone wrist bands. In todays COVID inspired world people are using them to signify how they feel about social distancing.

Red - Please keep your distance
Yellow - Lets stay 6’ apart
Green - I am happy to shake your hand


RED wristbands for HIV/AIDS, heart disease, and addiction.

BURGUNDY wristbands for Oral, head and Neck Cancers as well as Meningitis.

LIGHT PINK wristbands so famous for Breast cancer and Women Health.

ORANGE wristbands for Leukemia and Kidney Cancer, World Hunger, Human Rights, And MS.

YELLOW wristbands for Childhood Cancer Awareness. Bone & Bladder Cancer, Suicide Prevention, and Missing Children.

GREEN wristbands for Liver and Eye Cancer, Cerebral Palsy and Bi-Polar Disorders,

LIGHT BLUE wristbands for Prostate Cancer and Men’s Health, as well as pro-choice and Downs Syndrome.

DARK BLUE wristbands for Colon Cancer, Child Abuse and Animal Rights.

PURPLE wristbands for Pancreatic Cancer, Relay for Life, Intl Women’s Day, and Domestic Violence.

RAINBOW wristbands of LGBTQ,

WHITE wristbands for Lung Cancer, Violence Against Women, and Terrorism.

GREY wristbands for Brain Cancer and Allergies/Asthma.

BLACK wristbands for Skin Cancers & Melanoma as well as mourning loss.

BROWN wristbands for Anti-tobacco and Colorectal Cancer.

At FULLY PROMOTED we can supply you with any and all of these fabulous wrist bands that speak volumes about the causes and ideals you and your group support. Reach out to today for a quote from our product specialist team.